Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Seventeen staples

Well, I've been gone for quite some time but I promise I will not abandon you again. 

I like a lot of other bloggers currently am trying to go cruelty free with my cosmetics. One brand that have made this a lot easier is Seventeen. Why I hear you ask? Well Seventeen are super affordable and available from most Boots stores. Winner I know.

One reason I love Seventeen so much is they do an extra fair concealer, yes you read that right!  I'm one of those ghost like people who could blend into a white wall. This concealer is a life saver honestly. I used to use the Urban Decay Naked concealer in fair neutral and it was amazing but I think the Seventeen stay time actually beats it! Plus it's a fraction of the price. Three reasons I love this product; Number one, the colour match I've never had a concealer that matches me as well as this does. ( thank you so much seventeen I'm sending you a huge virtual hug for this.) Number 2, it stays all day no  budging so I never stress that I look tired ever!  Number 3, it's price you can not go wrong! (Please ignore that mine still has plastic on the bottom bit I'm so bad at getting it off Hahaha.)

The other two products I love are two of there mascaras. Number one and probably my ultimate is Doll'd up, this is a game changer. I love big dolly looking eyes as I've very round eyes anyway and this product lives up to its name perfectly. I'm not going to lie I go for products based on their name, if it has a cute name I'll buy it. It doesn't always work out for me but luckily this did. I'd compare it to the benefit Roller lash but again I think it's better it's beautifully curved wand and spiked bristles gives you such gorgeous lift and separation the lashes look natural, fluttery and full. Everyone needs this baby in there life. Pair the concealer and mascara and bobs your uncle you're bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to take on the world. 

There other mascara that I love is Falsifeye. This gives the impression of False lashes if you want that dramatic eyelash look, then this ones for you. It gives perfect separation and glamour. This is the perfect night time mascara. I'm not crazy about the packaging on this one but it's true that it's what's on the inside that counts and well this is pretty damn good!  

As I whole I love seventeen and Im super tempted to try their new highlighting concealer and Easy on the Eye palette as both look incredibly beautiful and are super affordable. (When I say tempted this probably means I'll buy them tomorrow before work.)  Seventeen I salute you! You've got us pasty pants girls covered and concealed and I love y'all lots for that!

Lots of love, 
Collars and Frills 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

My top five mascaras from budget to branded.

Guess who's back, back again Leanne's back tell a friend. I'm back forever now with at least one post a week from now on and that's a promise. 
Let's just get to the post, I'm a mascara hoarder I have about 20 in my house this is not a over statement and I thought I'd share my favourites with you, I really love the big doll eye look so these mascaras will all help you achieve this look so let's go. 
My first favourite mascara comes in at just £3.30 yes, £3.30 and it's brilliant it's Essence Lash Princess false lash effect. This stuff for the price is just incredible you will need a eyebrow come and brush your lashes through after but the end result is stupidly incredible my lashes look false and huge it's a thing of complete beauty and the best bit it's cruelty free. If you're in the Uk get to Wilkos and pick it up you will not regret it. Also it features the word princess so it's a no brainer right?!  
Next up we have Seventeen Doll'd up, this is the perfect dupe for Roller Lash and it could actually be even better than Roller lash this will give you such a natural flutter and make your eyes look so big and doll like I have about 3 of these on the go because I can't be without it! You'll love this and it come in at under £7 which is a third of Roller lash so if you're wanting to try it buy this first you won't regret it! 

Next is a mascara that's raved about constantly, you've probably guessed it's Lash Sensational it's amazing another dupe for Roller Lash. This gives you perfect separated lashes so much so that I've had people compliment my lashes when I use this! You can pick this 
up from any Drugstore or I've seen it in Savers for £5.
Next is something I've mentioned in this its several times now you've guessed it, it's Roller Lash I've done a whole post on this in the past just know it's beautiful but expensive. 
Lastly was what we shall call Leanne's moment of complete weakness when she sees the words doll eyes and spends a large amount of money. That's rights it's LancĂ´me Doll eyes. This is the most intense black mascara I've ever used it gives you the most perfect doll like lashes that stays put all day. However there is one downside to this mascara it smells like roses. Some people may love this but me personally nope it's not my cup of tea and you can smell it for ages I just don't understand why you'd want scented lashes but hey ho. 
That's my favourite mascaras for you lovely lot let me know yours or if there's any mascaras you think I should try.

All my love 
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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Snow Fairy season.

So I'm back after my hiatus. Because well its Snow Fairy season and blogmas. As a lush employee I get to get into the festive spirt super early, I'm practically Buddy the elf as of November 1st. But my very favourite product since I got into Lush has always been and will always be Snow Fairy. This sugary sweet shower gel is my signature scent and to my absolute dismay it only stays around until Christmas, so I have to stock up for a year with about 2 litres. It has beautiful blue sparkles and is the most stunning pink colour. 
So imagine my face when I went to the Birminghan store and saw litre bottles. Yes litre bottles. It is bigger than my face  . I think this year the shower gel somehow smells fresher than ever before the smell is peardrops and candyfloss . I even brought the perfume from the kitchen yesterday so I'll smell so sugary sweet all year round. This year you can even pair it with Fairy Dust which is a beautifully sparkley dusting powder the two paired together leave the smell on your skin all day long. 
Now here's a few ways to use your snow fairy shower gel: 
Obviously it's a shower gel that's its main use. 
You can wash your hair with this beauty and waft your hair around for constant snow fairy smells all day. 
As bubble bath yes this works amazingly as your bubble bath too. 
Over all this is the greatest product lush ever do. EVER! 
What's your favourite lush festive product?
Lots of love 
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

It's Orla About My Shoes.

As I'm writing this I'm still slightly in a state of shock. I now own the most perfect shoes on the planet. The Orla Kiely Abigail's from Clarks. I've been desperately wanting a pair of Orla Kiely shoes ever since she first paired with Clarks and the current collection is the last she's ever doing. So I just bit the bullet and bought them, at £130 they aren't cheap but if I didn't buy them I would of regretted it for the longest time and as I'd worked a bit extra I thought maybe now was the time to buy them.

They are the single comfiest shoes I've ever worn due to the memory foam insole. The heel is quite high being 5'7 in height anyway I'll probably be about 6 foot tall but I'm happy to be that tall for these shoes. However you don't feel like you're walking in heels that high as they're platforms. Everything about these shoes is utter perfection the front has a cute flower detail,the heel is a snake skin effect even down to the sole which has the classic Orla style print.
They are smart enough for workwear and casual enough to wear everyday even though I look like a giant in them! Like I said I'm in shock that they're mine and for a while I didn't wear them and just stared at them in awe. Is that weird,that's probably really weird well done Leanne well done. But every outfit I pair them with I just look down and think my shoes are on point. 
I'm thinking of maybe doing a look book with them in please let me know if you'd like to see that. 
  Lots of love,
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My everyday eye make up.

My everyday eye look is something that's very easy to do but super effective. On an everyday basis such as for uni I don't really bother with eyeshadow as I usually get up slightly to late and I prefer eyeshadow for night anyway. But if I want a subtle day time look I've been reaching for my Fleur De Force eyeshadow quad I've got the pinkyer one of the two available quads and I adore it. Especially the first colour of the quad which is a ballet slippers kind of colour which is super sweet and helps make your eye colour pop without being to strong. 
The first thing I reach for in a morning is concealer. It's just a instant wake up, the one I've been reaching for more and more recently is the Seventeen Stay time Concealer in extra fair which is like a little slice of heaven for me. To be able to find an amazing concealer that stays on and is pale enough for me but is also brightening was an absolute blessing and I could of cried in the middle of boots when I found it! But the coverage and lasting power are incredible and the fact they do extra pale was the icing on the cake. 
Next up we have eyeliner, now I'm a liquid eyeliner lover and my go to has always been and will always be the Rimmel glam eyes it stays on all day and is super black it's brilliant and doesn't break the bank. 
The other eyeliner I love to use is the Maybelline Big Eyes in Nude/black. I don't go a day without have a nude liner in my waterline it helps the eyes pop, look wider and more awake without being a super harsh like a white liner. This is the best nude liner I've used and I recommend it to everyone. 
Lastly the finishing factor is my mascara. My mascara of choice at the moment is Maybelline Lash Sensational I'm on my second tube of this little beauty and have bought my third ready. I honestly don't think I could be without it anymore it's the best mascara I've ever used my eyes look wider and it gives so much volume and length. It's perfect for that doll eyed look. Don't hesitate with this one just buy it. I also adore the lilac coloured packaging on this product. 

Let me know your go to products for your eyes or anything you think I should try.
Lots of love
Collars and frills

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Don't look at me facemask.

I've fallen head over heels in love with wait for it Don't look at me, wanted my Damien moment there. (Cue beautiful from Xtina there.) But this facemask is a thing of complete and utter beauty, granted when it's on you'll be blue dabadedabadie. It's full of murumuru butter and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and carries on working its magic after you've taken the mask off. There's  also lemon to tone the skin and neroli to brighten. My skin has never ever looked as good as it does since I've been using this little beauty and I don't think I'll ever stray away. 

You'll need to leave it for a good half an hour or at least until it's completely dry to get the complete benefits of this beauty so it's a very indulgent product so if you want a good in bath mask here's your treat. The first time I ever used it I only kept it on for ten minutes or so and I felt it didn't do a lot but the second time I tried it that was it was the best thing since sliced bread.  It's also very scrubby so gives you a bit of exfoliation too. I remove my mask with a warm damp flannel as it helps with the scrub. My skin looks and feels so much fresher and brighter when I've used this. With it being a fresh mask it lasts for 3 weeks at the price of £6.50. I got 4 full face masks out of one pot which I thought was pretty good going. 
I'm going back tomorrow to purchase another pot as I need some more in my life right now. 
Let me know if you've tried it if not you really should!
Lots of love 
Collars and Frills

Monday, 28 September 2015

Skinnydip Simpsons Shake.

So if there's one thing I really love its novelty bags, they just give that pop of fun to every outfit. They're also a brilliant conversation starter. One of the best brands for these bags and probably my favourite is Skinnydip I really adore this brand, I've got quite a few of their bags and phonecases my current phone case being a chubby unicorn one I mean who doesn't love chubby unicorns? So imagine my absolute joy when I realised they were pairing up with my favourite cartoon The Simpsons. 
I couldn't not pick something up from the line (I could of gotten all of it.) I bought the Krusty Shake bag because who doesn't want a pink sparkly bag shaped like a cup. The bag itself is really quite spacious and only cost me £24 ( thank you 25% off student discount) it's such a cute, quirky and statement piece I can't wait to style it with my outfits. It has a gorgeous gold cross body strap and the cutest straw feature. I'm beyond excited to use this little beauty.  Skinnydip always do amazing quality products and are defiantly the go to brand for any novelty bag lovers. They're super quick with their postage all in all I love this brand and I love this bag.
 Lots of love 
Collars and Frills